Example of including socket.io in Ionic 2?

Anyone out there with a complete example on how to use socket.io with Ionic 2?
I found a version for ionic 1 here, but nothing comparable for version 2.

there’s already questions asked about ionic 2 and socket.io you should search down the forum before posting anything about that.

@skoff How do you know that I did not do this? I find your answer disappointing. Let me tell you, why:
Search results for 'ionic 2 socket.io ' - Ionic Forum yields the following results

Then you see the end of the list and the statement:

No more results found.

Maybe I overlooked the needle in the haystack. I spent 4 hours yesterday searching Google with no success for a working example.

I just started with javascript, ECMA 6, TypeScript, Angular 2 and Ionic 2 and though I am an experienced C++ and C# programmer I am having a hard time to grok this way of doing things. Maybe one day we are all back to this programming language.

In the meantime I kindly ask again:

Could you or someone else please post a working Ionic 2 TypeScript demo for using socket.io? It should use components, of course …


i’m sorry but when I search for Socket.IO in ionic 2 category of this forum I can find this post:

From what I can see they managed to make it work.

Yes, I had answered a question just like the OP’s in that thread, where I shared a fully working example of socket.io in ionic2 and typescript.

Here’s the link to the example: http://github.com/beetz12/ionic2-web-chat


thanks a lot @beetz12

Many, many thanks. I still wonder why I did not obtain that search result.

PubNub Chat SDK Ionic2:slight_smile:
Pubnub SDK