Alternatives to the "ionic-plugin-deeplinks" cordova plugin?

Hello, I recently learned that the ionic-plugin-deeplinks cordova plugin was recently deprecated. This is unfortunate because I have already begun using it in a new feature I am building. I started this work before the plugin was deprecated and am revisiting it now. I guess I have three main questions about this:

Note: I am trying to do this on a cordova application, not a capacitor application

  1. Is it still safe to use this plugin in production?

  2. Are there any alternatives to this plugin that are relatively light weight?

  3. Is there a reason this plugin was deprecated that I should know about, considering I am looking at implementing deep-linking in my cordova app?

I think BranchMetrics is mentioned as an alternative on the github page but that seems to be a whole heavy weight integration that includes a ton of features I don’t need.

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I guess I should say I am purely using a cordova application not a capacitor application.

Hmmm…migrate to Capacitor? Long-term that is going to be your better bet :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, you’ll probably need to reach out to the Cordova community to find a different deep link solution :grimacing:

My guess is that Ionic deprecated the Cordova deep link plugin because they no longer are advocates for Cordova and don’t want to support it any longer.


Thanks for the advice. I am guessing migrating to Capacitor is probably better in the long run but it is also probably a big lift. Maybe I should start a new thread asking about people’s experiences with migrating.

Heres a good non official guide to help you get started,