Ionic 3: Deeplinking

Hello everyone, any Deeplinks implement with Ionic 3 on iOS? I’m trying to make it work and I can’t.

Use the plugins:
cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-deeplinks and cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-customurlscheme but none worked successfully.

If you can help me with this issue, it would be great. If you have any tutorials, you will be grateful.

Regards and thank you very much

This tutorial was helpful form me when i was working on that.

That not working for me. I follow the tutorial step by step and not still not working. Thanks!

Hello, i found the solution!

I need to add a configuration in info.plist. Like this:

Regards, Nicolas

Kind of two sides to deep linking. If a link takes the user to the app, or there is a link inside the app that takes the user to different app. This second one is what I’m trying to implement now.
How do you call this link?

Honestly, I don’t understand your question very well. If what you want is only to open the application that you have from some other application, what you have to do is what I wrote to you previously.
Now, if what you want to do is navigate inside the application, I recommend you follow this link:

Yeah, currently they have a Universal Link for me to use.
I feared I would need to install another plugin to support.

Or I could set up a deeplink using now its just a normal URL link I think.
I don’t think I would need to have a plugin to call that link? Unsure of that. How to call such a link in Ionic/TypeScripts?

OK great.

In order to open an external application, what you should do is use a plugin called com.lampa.startapp, I leave the link below:

It should be noted that in iOS you have to add the configuration to indicate which application you are going to open, something like a whitelist.

You need to add this in the config.xml

<config-file overwrite="true" parent="LSApplicationQueriesSchemes" target="*-Info.plist">