Deep Linking Ionic: Open internal post pages via link


I am trying to open an internal link within ionic1 (native) app to another inner page in my app. The other inner page defined well in my angular router.

I can’t use any angular methods since I am catching the link before it gets to the router. I was using:


but I got the error:

Application Error net:: ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

If so, How can I reference to an inner link in Ionic? Or how can I solve this error?


What does that mean?

Can you provide an example of what an “internal link” looks like?

  1. It means that i don’t want to use $state.go or $state.href. The router is build based on Angular router. but, I am catching the event of the link before it get to the router.

  2. My application goes like that:

I have a link inside my html that direct to another path inside the app. I want the inner link to be opened inside the app. (native). and not in inappbrowser or other cordova brower. How can i make that reference?


And you don’t control the html? Can’t you just make it a normal $state.go?