Linking within application


I am new to Ionic. I am working on an iOS/Android application which is being built with three distinct sections:

  • Native pages
  • Ionic pages - local resources consumed within Cordova webview
  • Third-party pages - external resoures consumed within Cordova InAppBrowser(?)

I would like to know, is it possible to link readily between the three areas, ideally targeting specific pages within each section rather the “landing” page for each section?

Specifically, it’s linking back from the Third-party pages to Ionic pages which is key (as getting back to Native pages can be done through the Ionic nav). Is it relatively easy to link from external resources to local resources and how does this work in terms of URLs?


No experience, but initial idea:
InAppBrowser is triggered via Ionic. Ionic can then also react to e.g. specific URLs being opened, close the InAppBrowser and react to whatever URL was being opened (OAuth workflows work that way for example).

Thanks, so it’s possible to intercept the request and handle accordingly? So we could give third-party a URL with a specific context (eg - /internal/) to access a specific Ionic page (local resource)? Sounds like it might work.

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