Open my ionic app to specific page (url/route) from external app

We have two internal enterprise applications… The first application needs to open the second one if possible sending some parameters and the second application (cordova + ionic) needs to navigate to a specific page that takes those parameters (which it would have if you navigated through the second apps workflow). I have this route defined in the app.js file:

.state('app.inspect', {
    url: "/inspect/:productno/:InspectionFormID/:InspectionType",
    cache: false,
    views: {
        'menuContent': {
            templateUrl: "views/sr-inspect.html",
            controller: 'ShipReceiveInspectCtrl'

Would there be a way to get to this from an external application intent?



Hi Kent,
Have you found an answer to this question? I’m also meet with this problem now.

Deep linking is your solution