Cross linking in app

I want to cross link some sites in my app for a wiki.

I show the wiki-text with [innerHtml] to easy include images dynamically at the right place. Now I want to add some cross links to other wiki-entries. Has anyone an idea how I can do this with the new navigation structure?

In ionic 1 I would have written the link directly in the wiki-text:
text: "Here is the <a href='...'>Link</a>";

But, if I understood it right, in ionic 2 I’ve to push to a new site via a function.
I tried
text: "Here is the <button (click)=link('id')>Link</button>";

Unfortunately the innerHtml seems to kill the button feature, because nothing happens when clicking the button.

Is there an opportunity to start the link-function from the <a href>-link? Or any other ideas how I can load the requested site?

Thank you!

I think the (click) feature doesn’t work because you are including it from a variable, most likely angular binds events before rendering the html that contains the event, though idk if you can use href as the routing doesn’t use urls inside of ionic for the time being, maybe in the future.