Debugging IOS

I have an app that is working correctly on Android and in Chrome and Safari. It has a bug that only appears when the app is installed on a physical IOS device. I have tried to debug the app using the process described here:

While I can see the phone and open pages in Safari, I don’t see my app. I am using an “App Store” distribution version of my app. I assume this is why I can’t see it in Safari.

When I create a Development version of my app using a development profile, I can’t upload it to Apple using Transporter. Transporter tells me “A Distribution Provisioning profile should be used when submitting apps to the App Store” Fair enough, the app store isn’t for development I guess.

I found this post from 2016:

I used option 3. (I had to modify the command to: ionic capacitor run ios -l -c -s)
The app runs here with no problems either. I tried multiple emulators. All ran fine.

How can I debug this app?

Update: when I connect an iPhone to my MacBook and select it as a build target, the app fails to compile with “No such module ‘Capacitor’”.

Any ideas?