[SOLVED] Ionic 5: iOS debugging not available anymore from Safari?

I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this issue but today I’ve tried to debug an app from xcode/safari and where I usually find the elements/console etc I don’t see anything .

(the last time I tried this to debug an app, it worked like a charm!)

I tried another app and to clean the build folder etc with no luck but if i load the same app from localhost it works, I tried another computer and it doesn’t work either

What am I doing wrong?


U need to update safari, techpreviewer and possibly install some mac updates

I had these issues too and after some updates it worked again

It’s all update and I have safari tech.preview too, doesn’t work :frowning:


I am running Catalina, TP version 125 and Safari 14.1.2



I had to restart the simulator, now it’s working again.
Thank you!

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