Unable to debug ionic v7 ios app in safari

Hi all, cannot debug anymore the ios app in safari. I do not see the application anymore. It was working with earlier ios version but since one of the last update, no application is shown. I know it is connect correctly because if I open safari on my ios device, I can see it in mac safari developer section.
Ionic version: 7
IOS version: 16.6
Mac version: Montery 12.6.2

What version of Capacitor are you running and what version of Xcode?

Here are some discussions regarding the new iOS isInspectable option in iOS >= 16.4.

on top of what @twestrick posted, make sure you turn on debug mode on your iphone. Enabling Developer Mode on a device | Apple Developer Documentation

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Capacitor V4 and V5. Tried both of them.
Xcode 14.3.1

With the links provided, I’ve understood that my isInspectable option was never set to true. The easiest way to turn it on in my case was to add
ios: {
webContentsDebuggingEnabled: true
in my capacitor.config.ts