iOS Device Debugging

I have just purchased a Mac to allow me to deploy my application to the Apple Store and have no experience of this OS so everything is a learning exercise at the moment.

I have managed to get my app building and I can even open it up in X-Code and I can deploy to a simulator or an Apple device connected to my machine via a USB lead.

I simply cannot get debugging working, after using VSCode with Android on a Windows machine that process is great and works faultlessly with the Apple environment it seems to be a right mess!

I don’t get any typescript files appearing in my Resources window in Safari and I don’t get any errors or console messages appearing either.

Can anybody help me out here, my app is failing but I have no way of debugging what is going on???

You could run the app on a simulator and then open Safari -> Develop -> “simulator name” -> localhost . Web Inspector should open up which behaves similarly to Chrome developer tools. Hope this is helpful.

That’s the problem, I have no source .ts files available through Safari :confused: