Database options in Ionic apps?

I am creating a general knowledge app where there will be 100s of question and answers and may be some images also. There will not be any form in the app, so basically just read operations. I need to update the database in regularly intervals to add new questions/answers. I need some suggestions regarding storage of the data. Here are the options that I know:

1. Json: Store data in json format. But it becomes a pain when data gets larger. User have to update the app every time I add new data. Also editing Json records in a notepad is a pain. Any suggestions ?
2. Firebase: Don’t want to pay now.
3. Host my own API: Created using PHP. Will it be fast enough for a mobile app ? But this is one the best option I have, As I can just update the database using PhpMyAdmin.
4. PouchDB/Sqlite: Don’t have much Idea.

Please provide your inputs and suggestions . Thank You

The most ideal solution in this case is certainly to create an API and make requests to that from your app. Updating the app every time you make changes to the database will only end up being a pain :wink:

Thanks. Any idea about PouchDB. Is it good ? How is it hosted in remote server ? Can I use a shared hosting ?

Haven’t used that before, so I don’t know, sorry :confused: