Best way to get and store data (optimized) to mobile app (Ionic, Cordova/Phonegap)



I want to do an app with ionic framework and cordova for Android and iOs and I want to optimize at most the requests to the server.

I need to get data from php server (API) and store in the mobile phone, this data is related, so I think that a SQLite is the best option to store it in the device because of to show it is more fast to do a complex SQL than get a JSON stored in localstorage (for example) and search and link the data in the mobile. I’m right?

I need to do this and can do a Pull to refresh in the app and get only new data.

I’ve been watching some solutions but I don’t know what is the best.

Parse/Firebase: This is difficult to administrate for non-specialists, for this I have a backend to enter and modify data with the relations easily. In addition this services return a JSON with more data that I need.

Persistence.js and Persistence.sync.js this works with mysql-server and sqlite-local but can I sync only one table or get only the new data? And I did’t find a solution for php server.

CouchDB and PouchDB: I don’t know if this can be sync only for a new records.

Receive data in JSON and store it in SQLite: I need to create functions to do this easier.

Any other solutions?

I’m very lost in this topic.



I tried sqlite but it was slow. So, I finally used a combination of local storage and firebase. It lets me store json and search based on keys.



Thank your for your response.

So you relate the objects in local, not in firebase right?



I use local storage to save non important data and use firebase to store important data or which needs to be in sync across web and mobile.