@ionicframework What DB is best for event management app?

Hi there,
I am currently in process of designing app in ionic and have question on what db will best fit for any event management app. Exploring firebase and mongoDB currently, but heard that its hard to read the data structure since its stored in json format key / value pair. Then thoughts go for RDMS like mysql or sqllite which I believe needs PHP or Java to communicate to DB. is there a javascript plugin for mysql or any sql based db like for firebase we have angularfire or for mongoDB we have mongoos. Any help / thoughts will be appreciated.

Please let me know.

I personally use Parse. The Javascript SDK is great and data is too hard to manage.

I’ve recently switched from PouchDB/CouchDB to Firebase (using FirebaseAngular) in an app I’m working on and it works well for me. I had lots of problems with PouchDB/CouchDB because of what you had to do to rewrite data (if you change anything in a document, you have to rewrite the entire document… and the server keeps a copy of the original document for syncing purposes so if you make lots of changes to lots of documents then your server data storage requirement blows up).

Reading data with Firebase is actually very easy. Firebase seems to be a perfect fit for an ionic app with its three-way data binding. It also supports arrays; though on the server it’s stored as key / value pairs, Firebase presents it back to you as an array. This lets you use things like ng-repeat.

I am using Parse and it’s dead simple to write and read data from it.

We’re big fans of firebase over here, as it’s dead simple to setup and integrate.
Another option that really good is PouchDB