Custom Themes


Was a PhoneGap developer back in the day. Then switched to Appcelerator. Thanks to Ionic I have revisited html5 mobile development. It has come along way. I think I am back in the html5 camp.

Question. I have some mobile apps that have been completely converted to html (no javascript frameworks used). Just one html page per screen.

If I simply dump this app into ionic. Putting my styles in style.css will I get all the magic of Ionic?

Of course adding the core tags like ion-content, ion-view…

I am less interested in using the ioninc style sheet and more interested in using all the goodies that comes with it.

I know this might sound like a stupid question. I should just try and see what happens. I am more interested in the hidden gotchas. Anything I should consider or be aware of.


Hey, glad to see your back using html5 :smile:

Unfortunately you’re going to need to use our styles and javascript (angular js) if you want thing to play nice. Angular is really responsible for all the magic behind ionic.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Good to know!