How to convert an HTML5 content into ionic app


Dear Team,

Our team starts designing on our new project and done the HTML5 conversion with the design. But when we try to integrate the design on the ionic project we are confused with the ionic tags. How can we convert the pure HTML5 page into ionic project? How can we replace the ionic tags wth the HTML content? Please help me on this.


@anoop1986 You need to learn how Ionic handles different elements and then find those elements within your project and convert them to Ionic. Ionic will handle the HTML5 fine, but it will not look or perform like an Ionic mobile app.

Maybe some examples of your code and what you are trying to do will help answer your problem better.

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Basically, my doubt is how we can start work on ionic. We have started the project on a traditional way. First, we have created the design then starts the HTML conversion. But when we trying to integrate the design on ionic the ionic tags comes(Actually we have to plan this initially before we start the project). So we can’t able to integrate our normal HTML5 directly to the ionic framework because the ionic tags are not there in HTML5.

So my doubt is how we can work on the ionic application? Do we need to convert the design to HTML initially before we start the ionic design integration?


@anoop1986 Please give us a specific example. Screenshots of your page or some example of your code. Are you trying to create a mobile application for iOS/Android deployment or a web application using the ionic framework?

Something to help us understand your problem a little better!



Actually, we have not started the coding our confusion was how to start the ionic coding? whether we need to place a page with entire HTML(in pho phonegap and another cross platform we are developing a page with entire HTML and css) or using ion tags. We have started development using the ion tags. Can anybody tell me about how the app will effect if we use an entire app using HTML only rather than ion tags?


Did you find the solution ?. I am new to ionic and has been given the task of designing an app whose html pages have already been made.What is the most appropriate procedure to do it?


This seems like a completely bizarre task. If all the functionality of the “app” can be delivered in static HTML that has already been written, what do you need Ionic for?