Ionic framework Custom UI

Hi All,
I am new to Ionic so i just want to ask one thing that can we use custom UI and classes in ionic framework or we just have to use predefined classes of ionic framework css.??

Please help me out

it’s all based on sass (css) … so you can theme it like you would do a regular website

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Thanks a lot for reply. One more question please

what actually is responsible for native look of ionic application.i mean is it angularjs or various ion tags.

I am asking this silly question because i want to design page in html and desired to get a native mobile (android) look.

AngularJS is only the logic … the layout is css (sass). So you can apply styles to the tags/elements.

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Again Thank You for clearing my objectives regarding ionic.

again one query that how can i achieve page navigation without using angularjs in ionic framework.

I mean do i have to use angularjs logic behind ??

Yes, you do. Because you need to setup the application. It’s not only html :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your help…:slight_smile: :smile: smile:

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