Css Ionic style is not working

Hi everyone. It’s been a year since I dont use Ionic but now I’m starting a new proyect and I’m facing this issue that looks so simple, I don’t know.

Just any of Ionic styles from lib/ionic/css/ionic.css don’t work. After I create a blank app (ionic start ‘testapp’ blank) in my index.html file I write a few buttons but when I run the server they look without style.


  <ion-header-bar class="bar-stable">
    <h1 class="title">Ionic Blank Starter</h1>
  <button ion-button color="light">Light</button>
  <button ion-button>Default</button>
  <button ion-button color="secondary">Secondary</button>
  <button ion-button color="danger">Danger</button>
  <button ion-button color="dark">Dark</button>

What else do I have to do?

Doing further test I realize that the next code is working.

  <button class="button button-positive">
      Boton prueba 2

So I must have an old version of ionic.app.css, how can I update it?

Hi @neithen91,

If you are trying Ionic 1 project, then I guess your Button and Header bar syntax are of Ionic 2. Change those syntax to Ionic 1 Button and Header bar. The button code you mentioned below(Boton prueba 2) is Ionic 1 button thats why its css working fine.