Predefined CSS not working ionic3

I have add
button ion-button color=“light” Light button
in but it not working

and the result is


I think you are missing main.css inside your www/build folder. If there is no main.css then it is bug so you have to downgrade your app-script version.
first run ‘npm uninstall @ionic/app-scripts’ and run ‘npm install @ionic/app-scripts@3.2.0’.
After that delete node_modules folder and reinstall your node_modules. and final step is rebuild your application.

yes you are right there is no build folder under www directory,
but as per your instruction i tried but the problem is still same.

Essayez <ion-button color="light">light</ion-button>

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if you have several buttons you can do

<ion-button class="button1">button1</ion-button>

.button1{ color: light; ect.....}

like that you can apply different styles to each button

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