Stylesheets not taking effect

I just started a new ionic 1 app, and it appears that none of the stylesheets are working (neither the built in ionic ones or the style.css).

The stylesheets do appear to be loading, for example, I tested by setting the background color to red in css/, and I did see a flash of red on the screen (when I ran ionic serve) before the page loaded. But nothing else seems to work. In particular, the button and card stylings have no effect, even when taken directly from the docs.

Styles that I write in css/style.css also have no effect.

I have changed very little from the boilerplate. In fact, I tried stating a brand new ionic app, changing nothing except to add a button, and the styling still doesn’t work.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Other possibly relevant info:

  • I am using ionic version 2.1.17
  • You can see my project here on github

Most of my problem was that I was trying to use components from Ionic 2, while my app is still using Ionic 1.