Crosswalk Integration in Android Application


i followed the crosswalk integration with android as in following link (, but i encountered error as in the attached photo.

hmm, very interesting.

So just to make sure nothing was missed, lets assume you don’t have the ionic cli install…

#install the cli
npm install -g ionic

#CLI installed, lets make a project
ionic start tmp tabs && cd tmp

#Now lets add crosswalk
ionic browser add crosswalk

#If no android project is detected, one will be added for you.
#Provided that the android sdk is already setup.

#Crosswalk is added, device connected, lets run it
ionic run android

Just want to make, did you miss any step in that process?

Hi mhartington,

Before this i was using ionic 1.3.1, that causes the problem,after i update ionic to latest 1.3.2, it works well as u guided. Thanks alot and sorry for late reply :smile:

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