Adding crosswalk returns strange notice


Hey there,

I tried to add crosswalk to my app.

ionic browser add crosswalk

But it returns this strange Lines:

Cordova CLI v5.0 no longer requires you to use the ionic browser command to get Crosswalk installed
The ionic browser command will install Cordova Android, the Crosswalk plugin, the whitelist plugin, and the splashscreen plugin for your convenience.
Due to this, if you need to specify a version of Crosswalk, see this link:

What does that mean? Is Crosswalk not needed anymore? Do I have to install it another way?

Thanks in advance!

Add crosswalk to existing project does not enable gradle build

My guess is it means that since Cordova now has a crosswalk plugin you could just do

$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

so the ionic browser command is kind of redundant. You can still use it but it will just do the same as the command above.


the crosswalk helps with (android)APK Expansion Files?
Im working with an application with more than 60M, i need split the app and i`m thinking about make the SQLite DB a second part but i dont know how i can call the database after and how i can split this too.