Creating Ionic Apps for Various Android Devices (Size & Resolution)

I am an absolute beginner in Ionic and have started creating a mobile application. I have some experience in Android, created few apps couple of years ago. With the new updates from Google and Marshmallow API launches, there are virtually countless possibilities with which a user will be using an Android application published on Play Store.

In Android design documents, a great insist is put on designing apps that work flawless in not just “Portrait” as well “Landscape” mode but also in different devices having varying screen length (Watch, Mobile, Tab, Auto, TV) and apparently varying screen resolutions.

For Android I am aware that there is a tedious yet fool proof way of doing it. Design 2 screens (Portrait & Landscape) for each resolution you’re targetting which will be called at run time detecting the device configurations. The developer aligns the screens, their controls, provides different resolution images used within and so on so forth which will be picked up by the OS at run time and app works fine for all devices.

My queries are -

  1. How is all this (Different Size/Resolution Image/Font/Device Orientation) handled in Ionic?
  2. If I am creating an app keeping Android OS specifically in mind, what extra measures do I need to keep track of so that at run time things don’t get messy?
  3. Third and totally out of the context query - Is there a way of building Ionic apps for Apple products on Windows 7/8 system?

This is an interesting topic! would any experts out there care to give some guidance on this pls?! :slight_smile: