[newbie] Defining a custom fixed resolution on browser

Hey guys, I’m kind of new to the web development scene and I’m currently doing a project for college.

The project is about a simple smartwatch, and it needs to be of a certain size(1.5"). This only needs to be browser based, no need to build it to ios or iphone!

Basically I want to know if ionic is able to set a custom and fixed screen size on the application, before I start learning anything!

Thanks in advance!

Ionic really isn’t made for web development. Some people have used it for websites, but the Ionic team has stated that they only plan on supporting mobile apps. See this: http://ionicframework.com/docs/overview/#browser-support

Some components may not be supported in all browsers. This is a good post about deploying it as a website:

Ionic is capable of setting a fixed screen size (you can alter the width/height in the css), but it currently takes up 100% width/height of the device it is on, so I’m not sure why you would make it fixed.

If you are worried about browser support there are web frameworks, such as bootstrap or foundation, that you could use.

Hi, and thanks for the reply!

I know ionic is mainly mobile app devolpment! And that’s part of why I chose this framework. Before you deploy the app, you debug it on the browser right? I just need that in the browser the “app screen size” stays a fixed 1.5" square, because that’s part of the requirements of the project.

So if this means I can alter the size of it on the CSS, it solves my problem!
Then again, thanks for the reply!