How does Ionic work with different screen sizes?

I wast trying to find a way to make cordova fit multiple screen sizes and I found this Q/A:

The advice which seemed best to me was to use Ionic, but upon getting it set up, my IOS and Android screens appear to be the same size. And I can’t find any choices on for what size sceen I’m testing on either.

What am I missing here?



I do not completely understand your question but
Ionic works great on different resolutions.

Have a look at Ionic lab

It may be the platform you are testing on…

Good luck

Yeah. This is exactly what I’m using.

Look in the picture:

The two phones are the same size, and I can’t find any size choices for either, though I know there are multiple resolutions for each phone type.

Also, it seems like I’m supposed to use the ion supplied angular modules if I want it to work cross OS.

I’m pretty sure that’s how this all works. It seems a little cookie-cutteresque, but that’s probably a necessity in this type of situation.

I tend to use the CLI interface with Chrome inspector.

Install google chrome and configure it to your standard browser if it isn’t.
go to your command prompt and navigate to the folder of your project .
Then type:
ionic serve
Now your default browser will open up with the app loaded.
Open up your inspector window and there you can configure whatever resolution you like

This seems to work without hassle for me anyways.

Btw, you can do this from ionic lab.
Just click the button in the preview window to export to browser, once in the browser you see android and IOS previews. Just select either and from there you can also open chrome inspector and do the same.

Thank you. Did not realize those were clickable. This is working great.

Using Firefox, btw.

I’m really liking this work flow.

Happy to help.

Good luck with your ventures into Ionic!