Multiple screens - handling different screen resolutions - media queries

Hi ppl, i’m fairly new to Ionic framework. As a beginner i made some crucial mistakes in my dating app which i’m developing. Since i didn’t have the responsive dev approach for my app, i had to rewrite and change a lot of CSS on mostly all of my templates. I’m coming from front-end development world and didn’t work on mobile apps that much.

When i realized that my app lucks good on only few devices, I started to use media queries in order to support different screens. But i got into a problem. Been writing and adding new media queries for a lot of devices and realized that working like that i couldn’t cover all of them.
So i experimented with my own content dependent media queries and started to make breakpoints when it’s suitable for me and when the content breaks.

Butt still i have a problem that a lot of devices are not covered and the design gets screwed.

How do you approach to this problem? Do you have some common methods to handle different screen sizes, density? How do you battle with dpi, ppx, px, %, max-width, max-device-width, etc…

What’s the best best way to handle all of these? Is there some better solution then media queries? How to achieve that my templates look the same/ almost the same on all different devices???

I want to hear different types of possible solutions to responsive mobile apps.