Create JS starter project with ionic 2 start command

I am trying to create a JS starter project but ‘ionic start xxx --v2’ creates a transcript project.

I need to create a JS starter project so I can copy across an existing JS ionic 2 app to a clean installation (my old installation has gotten corrupted).

I did try renaming all of my JS files to TS but a get a shed load of error messages of the type “Property xxx does not exist on type yyy”

AFAIK JavaScript is not supported by the CLI anymore, here’s the official comment about it:

JS option has been removed, since we are going to focus our efforts to support Typescript.

Since TS is a superset of JS, it is up to developers to use the new features or not.

We strongly recommend to give TS a try, decorators and types help a lot while using angular 2.

You might need to install typings and the required type definitions to get rid of the error messages.

If there are no type definitions for some libraries then you could use ambient declarations:


I thought JS was supposed to be a subset of TS?

I thought I ought to be able to slip my JS code into a TS ionic app simply by changing the js extension to ts.

Yes, it’s supposed so, but according to the following issue the compiler is not working this way ATM:

Ah ok. So hopefully this will get fixed in a day or two :wink: