Ionic 2 cli and Javascript 2015 / ES6


In the past, you could specify whether you wanted a starter project in typescript or es2015 by passing along the flag -ts

The whole command: Ionic start myApp --v2 --ts.

Is there a way to use the cli to start an app that doesn’t use typescript? Or does this need to be configured manually?

If so, are there any resources that could be used as a guide?

Not using --ts doesn’t give you the js code?
I’ve read that TypeScrypt is the new standard but not about the CLI update, try --js then.

What about try to read docs before?


tried that (though I could not find mention of --no-ts in the docs.) - its not working. Still generates ts files.

(doesn’t work)
ionic start myApp --no-ts --v2

Others are having the same problem.

AFAIK it’s not possible anymore, here’s the official comment on the topic:

JS option has been removed, since we are going to focus our efforts to support Typescript.

Since TS is a superset of JS, it is up to developers to use the new features or not.

We strongly recommend to give TS a try, decorators and types help a lot while using angular 2.

That’s good to know - thanks!

Ok, so Ionic must fix its docs.

cc// @mhartington

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Actually the document is already fixed but it seems that it takes some time until the online documentation is updated (due to a build process I guess).

We just need to redeploy the docs, which we tend to do in batch jobs

A giant massive super huge hug to whoever decided to do this. When people post sample code with problems, it is astronomically easier to read and quickly comprehend when variables and function signatures are typed.