Create iOS app on Windows PC

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I want to learn the Ionic Framework, I do have a Mac but don’t always have access to it. So would be limited to the amount of learning I could do. However, I have permanent access to my Windows PC, so wanted to know is it possible to code an app using the Ionic Framework on my PC and then be able to run it on iOS?

If it is possible, could you let me know how?

I’ve seen several posts about this on several websites, but can’t find anything that is recent.

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The quick answer is mostly. The hurdles are around generating the certificates, and uploading. You might want to look at Ionic AppFlow to solve those issue. Other’s have used mac in the cloud services when they need to.

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Will it work if I do all the code on my Windows PC and then copy the files over to Mac?
Or is that just a stupid question :laughing:

It’s not a stupid question, and while the answer to the exact question you asked is “maybe”, a much better idea than copying entire projects is to use a version control system like git. Ionic apps are designed to go into version control, tracking the things you want to track and (equally importantly) not tracking the things you don’t want to track.

Push from the development machine, pull on the build machine.

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