Crashing on Android 4.1/ 4.2 and Ionic beta3

This one is tough. I don’t have any specific errors messages to report as I have no access to an affected Android 4.1/4.2 device. The issue is that my app will load the main screen, then crash as soon as anyone clicks a button to go to a different controller/route/page. It appears to only NOT crash on a much simpler page that has no icons on it.

I saw a few other threads and issues reported but it looked like it was supposed to be fixed. I am unable to make it crash in the Android emulator for 4.1/4.2, but I have gotten literally 20+ 1 star reviews in the last few weeks after releasing my app’s update with Ionic.

Affected devices are LG Optimus L9, Droid Razr M, and a few others.

I’m trying to get a device to test locally so I can get more concrete error messages and try to debug. Just was curious to know if the icon fix did not actually work on all cases? Thanks for the help!

Very interesting. You may want to upgrade to beta 6, since this will give you better support and a more stable API. Can you give me a link to your app? I can test it on a device and see if I can reproduce the issue

Thanks, that would be incredibly helpful!

Or did you mean a direct download link rather than the google play one? If you need a list of all my devices that I have heard experiencing this issue I can get you more than the original post.