App crashed with white or black screen on Galaxy s4 when repeatedly restarting the app several times


After repeatedly restarting my app on Galaxy s4, the app crashes with a white or blank screen, I attached the error log from my console, also tested the sample app generated using “ionic start myApp tabs”, same result. Any idea?

Some update:
I tried updating the Android platform using “cordova platform update android” command, it seems to be fixing the problem, still have no idea what was the issue. Now when I restart my app it feels much faster. Any idea?


Hmm depending on the version of cordova you were using, it could cause some problems.
It’s always suggested that you use the latest version of cordova and update the local project after


I’m getting the same thing on my S4. I am not getting any errors though. I am using Google’s remote debugging.

I started with a blank ionic template and added my on routes & views. The view templates are in a separate folder (templates/someview.html). When I had my views inline with my index.html it worked. I really don’t want to revert back to that.

I also have some issues with using Sass. That broke 'ionic serve". I can only build to an emulator or directly to my device now.


Any chance you could put together a github link so I could try it out? Could help find the issue faster


Here you go,


So for the issue regarding setting up sass and ionic serve, running ionic setup sass fixed the issue.

As far as getting the app to crash, I couldn’t reproduce that. Worked fine for me once I set up sass, which runs npm install as well


So we need to run ionic setup sass twice? Workaround: Run ionic setup sass first time to enable sass and secondly to fix the crash. I’ll try that.


Tried the workaround still getting the error.


Alright, lets try this. Let’s create a new project and start from scratch.

$ sudo npm i -g ionic cordova
$ ionic start myApp tabs
$ cd myApp
$ ionic setup sass
$ ionic serve

If everything is going well at this point, lets add the android project.

$ ionic platform add android
$ ionic run android -l -s -c

We will include the flags to see whats going on on the server side of things. Let me know if it works


No luck. I get the 3 options, WiFi, VirtualBox, localhost. I chose localhost and it breaks. I get the error every time now. I may try the ionic vagrant box. Windows is just not working out.

Deployed app - Connection refused

Windows is just problematic to begin with IMO.

Try out ionic vagrant and see if it can help.


Everything is running much smoother using my vagrant box. Now to get sass changes to actually update. Thanks.