Cordova Support

Hi Team,

I heard the news that apache will retire the Cordova support.Below is the link, Will Ionic will stop the support the cordova?

The Link you attached described Cordovas Depreciation Policy, it does not say that Cordova itself is deprecate or hnsupported

Thanks EinfachHanns

I can see the below text

‘Apache Cordova has been around quite some time’ I think Cordova will stop the support.

Also My question is does ionic continue the Cordova support for comming iOS/android release?

I don’t think so. Cordova is a Community manager project, Cordova Android 10 is currently in planning (#1052) and there is absolutly zero info about ending this project.

All i can say about Ionic is just my mind, i’m not an Ionic Team Member: So many apps are based on Cordova (more than Capacitor yet, simple as it is newer). They will not drop the Support for that in the near future i think. Also i read some time ago on a Appflow Suppage “Cordova Support will be continued on Appflow” and as long this is the case the Framework itself has to support it too. If some day the Support will be dropped i think it will be big announced and with a migration time from minimum 6 Month until one Year