Cordova v6.0 Released Today - Will it work with Ionic?

Hello everyone,

Today (1-28-16) Cordova version 6.0 was released. Lots of changes! You can see the full change-log on their blog site here:

Cordova 6.0.0 Released! Blog Post

I know it is really early to ask this, but maybe someone on the Ionic team can help. Is it safe to update our Ionic Projects to the latest version of Cordova and the Cordova CLI?

TBH, I am afraid to try it lol.

Has anyone else tried to upgrade yet? If so, how did it go?

Many thanks!

I tried updating Cordova and it worked and when I’m going for a new build; ‘ionic build’ it throws one simple error.

/bin/sh: cordova: command not found

I have been receiving a bunch of different errors but managed to get through them. Like this one;

Error: Cannot find module ‘cordova-common’

So right now the current error I’m getting when I try to build ionic is the first one i listed.


I managed to solve the above errors and then I built the app for ios when I noticed 4 warnings in the terminal. Didn’t mind them so I kept going. Now I’ve got the white screen “of death”…

Has anyone tried Cordova 6.0.0 out and if so, does it work for you? Currently livereload is not working for me.