Contacts native plugin for Ionic 5 React is deprecated and even the deprecated version doesn’t seem to be working with react project as navigator.contacts is not a thing in the react app. How to use this plugin in a ionic react app?

I think Framework React is not important here - are u using Capacitor or Cordova?

I am using Capacitor

So why are u using a Cordova Plugin if there is a Capacitor one:

The capacitor plugin gives the list of contacts and then I would have to build the UI to render that information and give a select option. The cordova plugin used to open the device phonebook and allowed to pick a contact from it.

I would open an Issue there and hope that the author implements this feature - i would stay away from the deprecated Plugin as it is not deprecated as a plugin, it also uses a deprecated and very slow api in ios. I created a new Cordova Plugin which uses the latest native api, but it also haven’t included that pick option yet

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