Cordova 7.0.1 - is it SAFE to update?

Hi guys!

Is it safe to update to Cordova 7.0.1 right now?

I am using a lot of plugins like intercom, facebook, googleplus, branch.

Is there a possibility I will have problems with any of this plugins?

What are the pros of updating?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Cordova 7.0.1 is the Cordova CLI which only runs command like cordova on the command line. So as it doesn’t touch your plugins at all, of course it is safe to update.


Isn’t there some issue with the Android platform? The newest Cordova isn’t compatible with Ionic yet? Or has that been resolved?

Even if that would be the case, this would be cordova-android with some 6.x version number, not Cordova 7.0.1.

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Yeah, I assumed the OP didn’t really know the difference. Maybe I’m wrong, but I parsed the question as “Is it safe to install the latest Cordova?” and I think the answer is: CLI yes, iOS yes, Android no. But I haven’t checked in about a month, so things might have changed.

Hmm, I am not aware of any problems - but I also wasn’t really following it as I also am still on cordova-android 6.2.3.

Well ok. After investigation, it appears there is some debate whether this is an actual error, or just a user error. Here’s a sample thread. If you got Android platform 6.2.3 working, then probably the issue is resolved, because that was the inflection point, from SDK 25 to 26.

Maybe only a debug/run/simulator error. If you build your app and run it only on real devices you may not face that error (which is my case)?

I’m up-to-date with cordova-android (and cordova and cordova-ios) and I used to use the previous version of cordova-android too. I didn’t noticed any problems on my (real) devices…but well I’m not using all the plugins and features in the world, so don’t take this as a 100% security granted :wink:

I only had a small issue with the plugins and the previous version of cordova-android because one of them was referencing google services with a +, just had to set an explicit version manually and everything was fine. Didn’t face that issue anymore with last version of cordova-android 6.3.0

I tried to upgrade from cordova 6.5.0 to 7.1.0.

Basically everything works (except some issues with plugin order). The only thing that I’m worried about is the build performance. Adding a plugin with cordova 6.5.0 lasts about 1s, with cordova 7.1.0 about 10s.

As we rebuild the platforms each time from scratch (on the buildserver), this really slows down our build process (having integrated many plugins).

Is this due to a bad configuration on our side? Or has somebody made the same experience?
Is there an explanation for the much slower procedure (adding plugins) with cordova 7?

Thanks for your feedback!

I’m in the same situation. I think cordova changed their way of downloading plugins to npm which is slower than what it was before. There might be a way to tell it to use the old system but I just stayed on 6.5.0.

(I think it’s more a problem of duplicated effort as both package.json and config.xml are updated etc - plugins are also present in multiple places right now. Cordova CLI 8 should get rid of all that if enough people use 7.x and test it and report any problems)