Converting a Wordpress / Vue site to an ionic mobile app

Was wondering if yall can help me with a problem I’m having at work. So I’ve been tasked with creating an ionic mobile app. The basis for our app is literally to put our website web app into a mobile version in both the app / play store. My engineering manager wants it to look and function as close to our site as possible. In the site we use Vue but its not an SPA / PWA it is just vue components sprinkled in. In fact I’d say 50% of the site is still using our old theme.
I starting a new ionic app and have been using our Vue components to start building and updated the css / and vue files where needed. I’ve come to a crossroads though as I’ve been converting all of the anchor tag / hrefs into vue router links.

My manager is not thrilled about this as he wants one codebase (our components) to work on both our web app and the mobile app. Is this possible somehow? Currently I’m solely building on localhost / web and not emulators and our site does not use vue router whatsoever. Is there an elegant way to make this all work as one or do we simply just need 2 codebases which are in fact similar?

The only thing I can think of is just use a webviewer for the entire mobile app and just put our sites url as the src. I don’t think thats a great solution but it would allow for 1 code base. Any help or ideas woudl be greatly appreciated. Full disclosure I’ve only been using ionic now for 3 weeks so if this seems like a dumb question I do apologize just trying to figure out all of my options moving forward.

I don’t have any advice for your specific question, but I can tell you the app will most likely get rejected at least on the Apple Store if you are just wrapping up your website.

See 4.2 here - App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer

I did not know that so thank you for that heads up.
much appreciated.