Production app examples of Vue web SPA, iOS and Android

This is a pretty general question, but can the Ionic framework provide a platform for building an app from the same code base for web AND native mobile devices using Vuejs?

If so, would anyone be able to provide some examples of this in production and/or any limitations to this approach?

We have built an iOS/Android app in the past, and would love to have a single code base for all platforms, but would like to know the realities of what people have experienced.

Not sure if it’s worth the trouble if there are limitations that would make this approach not feasible.

Appreciate any feedback!

Yes, in fact that’s Ionic’s entire premise: build an app with the same codebase and deploy it to web, iOS, and Android.

To deploy your Ionic Framework-based app (or any modern web app) to mobile, check out Capacitor.

Specific production examples of Ionic Vue (Vue 3 support) may be sparse at the moment because Ionic Vue just came out in October 2020 - and Vue 3 shortly before that. However, Ionic has hundreds of commercial and enterprise customers (built with Ionic Angular and Ionic React) that prove that this development strategy works. You can also wait to see who chimes in on this thread, or ask on Twitter.

As for limitations: most developers building with the Ionic Platform are web developers, so native functionality can be a challenge, depending on your needs (which vary widely by team/company). That said, Cordova plugins are backward compatible with Capacitor, Capacitor has over 20+ core plugins, and the new Capacitor Community GitHub org is Ionic’s way of “blessing” known good plugins/solutions from the broader community.

My recommendation would be to try the first app tutorial to get a feel for Ionic Vue. It covers all the major aspects of Ionic and Capacitor - you’ll build an app that runs on web/android/ios. Hope that helps!


@netkow Thanks for the response!

That’s good to know. I know that was the premise, but it’s good to hear that the execution is possible in production.

I will definitely check out the links. Thanks!

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