Hello there,
My project doesn’t have controller.js file. I have checked in www directory but it’s not there. Isn’t it supposed to be created automatically on startup?
Help me out. Thanks.

Not really…

Do you want to create a Ionic v1 with AngularJS project maybe? Then add --type=ionic1 to your ionic start command. There should be a controller.js then.

Thank you. But I had already created the project in v2. Is there a way I can backdrop to v1 or I should just create a new project?

v2+ is totally different from v1, so there is no way to convert this in any way. You have to start over unfortunately - or just use Ionic v2+. It is the future (and present) anyway :wink:

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I see. So what’s the equivalent of controller.js in Ionic v2+ ?

I would start here:

Ionic 2+ is not similar to Ionic 1 at all. It will make a lot more sense once you learn a bit more about it Angular 2+ and Typescript… and you won’t want to go back. :wink:

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Thank you Chris. Let me check that out.