How to create a new contact in android native contact or ios native contact?

Hi all,

how to create a new contact in the mobile native contact app?

My use case is:

I am doing a normal QRCode scanner app. If my QR scanner detected the given qr code is someone’s visit card, then it will extract the data and open the native contact app with the add contact page and populate the data. So I need this function…

Do you know how to do this?

Thousand thanks!

There’s a great community plugin that does this!

Thanks!!! Will try it!!! :grin:
Hope the Ionic react community can be growth fast… Some beginner like me don’t have any knowledge about the native development is really difficult… and a lot of plugins and tutorials are only for Ionic… :worried:

I am trying to save contact in the device using capacitor community plugin. But it doesn’t work. Can you give me an example to save contact using capacitor community plugin.