Consistent error I cannot find the meaning of

I am working on a vue3/Ionic app.

This is the error I get on my android Logcat very frequently:

E [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:667: Null anb

it occurs basically anytime there is very little happening on screen on after a user created action fires. I have searched through Stack overflow and android forums and they were relatively unhelpful. Is this just what occurs when the device has nothing to do or what??

I’m not sure if providing code context will help because I have no clue the origin or type of this error.

I am getting the same, did you find a solution?

I did not get the error when I was using the device emulator. I believe it is related to the phone device I was testing on which is the Motorola moto g stylus( the error does still happen whenever testing on said device). No resolution on the error and what it means though.