Android (S10) Error - sendUserActionEvent() mView returned

I have an app almost ready for release on android developed using ionic 4 and angular.

The issue is on load I get a flash where the screen images disappears for a fraction of a second. This issue is present on my S10 phone but not my Pixel C tablet (so maybe it’s a Samsung issue?). I preload all my images etc. and I hold on to the splash screen until I’ve confirmed everything is loaded.

When I attach the debugger to my S10 phone in Android Studio I get this error:

E/ViewRootImpl: sendUserActionEvent() mView returned

I’ve searched through lots of posts with most people reporting a similar error message (mView==null) but no solutions to this error. Has anyone seen this before or have any clue what the issue might be?

Thanks for any help

I’ve noticed from the debug logs that the two devices use different webview components.

Pixel C

I/WebViewFactory: Loading version 79.0.3945.136 (code 394513637)


I/WebViewFactory: Loading version 79.0.3945.116 (code 394511638)

I guess I can’t specify which webview component to use in ionic?