Blank app after app update


My Ionic Vue app seems to stop working on all devices after a new version is published of the app. The screen becomes white. Looking at the console it shows a message “unexpected char ‘<’”. If I open the culprit file (a js file with random name), I see that it contains the index.html page. After refreshing the app the issue disappears.

This occurs on every update. Did I do something wrong in the serviceworker?

The app is build in vue 3 with Ionic v6 & capacitor v4.


Example error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’ chunk-vendors.6f96df0f.js:1

Can you try this Mobile Browser Support to Run Ionic Apps Anywhere?
Despite it talks about angular and iOS, other frameworks and Android can present similar problems.

Thanks! I applied the ES5 target. I will keep you posted.

Ok we tried it for a bit, but the issue also exists with ES5 target.

Check out this comment - SyntaxError: Unexpected token '?' - #2 by twestrick. You might need to update your .browserlistrc.

Thanks, going to try that