Confused on how to install the latest Release Candidate


I’m confused. I’ve been hearing that Ionic team has released a release candicate. I’ve found this link but there’s only a big download button. I’ve been working on Ionic beta using the CLI. My latest Ionic version installed in my computer is 1.3.19. I used the CLI to update and make my projects. I want to get the latest release candidate for Ionic. Do I just type npm update -g ionic on the terminal? Or downloading the release candidate from the website is better?

The version 1.3.19 is for the ionic CLI which is different than the regular ionic project.

The CLI version would be in your package.json and you would use npm to update/install as you already have.

To get the latest release cnadidate, you would want to update your bower.json with the rc version and then do a bower install (assuming you’re using bower). That will update your projects lib folder with the new release candiate.

Are you using bower?

Hi @djett, I’m not very experienced with bower. Would you mind pointing me to the right direction?

You can run ionic lib update from the top level of your project folder to update your www/lib/ionic/ folder with the latest version of Ionic (rc.2).

$ ionic lib update
Are you sure you want to replace /Users/userName/Documents/myApp/www/lib/ionic with an updated version of Ionic?
(yes/no): yes
Latest version: 1.0.0-rc.2  (released 2015-03-30)
Ionic version updated to: 1.0.0-rc.2
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Sure, Bower ( ) is a popular package manager that helps you manage your 3rd party dependencies through a bower.json file similar to how node modules are managed through npm and package.json.

Like brandy said, you could use ionic lib to update your ionic libraries regardless of whether you are using bower or not.