Ionic Versions

Hi All,

Firstly congratulations on the release of 1.0.0. I am extremely new to Ionic (literally 2 days into my learning) and enjoy it so far.

I have a question about checking what version I am currently running. I have built a starter tabs project a few days ago and want to ensure I am using Uranium Unicorn now it is released. Running Ionic --version in my CLI returns 1.3.22 but I am a bit confused at to whether this is the v1.0.0 release or an older RC version?

I am unsure the best way to update an existing Ionic project. Which of the following is the best approach to update my Ionic version:

  • Updating my bower.json devDependencies to “ionic”: “driftyco/ionic-bower#1.0.0” and running bower install ionic
  • npm install -g ionic then ionic lib update
  • Manually downloading the zip file and extracting it’s contents into my www/lib/ionic folder

Some guidance would be hugely appreciated and some advice as to what 1.3.22 relates to when I run ionic --version in my CLI.

Thanks in advance


check it:

because in npm its version is 1.3.22
and you install it via npm
npm install -g ionic

And that’s why it displays the version from npm.

Thanks @motiurion very helpful.

I followed the link you posted and was able to run bower update ionic which will have updated me to v1. Thanks for the quick response and explanation, much appreciated!