Configure scheme for localstorage after update to Cordova Android 11


I migrated a big mobile app built with Ionic 3 from Cordova Android 8.1.0 to Cordova Android 11.0.0.

Everything is working fine, except for one thing, I could not retrieve the content of localstorage, although the version of @ionic/storage (2.2.0) and @ionic-native/native-storage (4.11.0) are still the same as before.

This seems linked with the configuration in conf.xml <preference name="Scheme" value="http" />

I would like to know which Scheme should I write to be compatible with the previous version of my app, or how could figure out which scheme my previous app is using?


I found solution for this problem, using <preference name="AndroidInsecureFileModeEnabled" value="true" /> instead of <preference name="Scheme" value="http" />

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