Cordova > Capacitor localStorage missing?

I have an established Cordova app that uses localstorage extensively. After moving to Capacitor, all localstorage data is missing - I’m assuming this is because of the change in url scheme because the data still exists if I downgrade back to the Cordova implementation.

Does anyone know the default scheme for Cordova Android? Or a way to figure out what it is? Then I can configure Capacitor to use the “old” scheme.

There are some notes about this in the Capacitor docs, but nothing relating specifically to Android Cordova to Capacitor migration.

I tried this, but if I change “androidScheme” to “file” then the app won’t load any more. (Capacitor 3 RC0).

You are lucky if you have been using cordova-plugin-ionic-webview because this sets the scheme to “http” so upgrading to Capacitor should keep the localStorage entries.

Hi. I’m using Capacitor 3 to create a new release to my WebApp migrating from Cordova.

The app by Cap3 is losing my localStorage data… Because is loaded in http://localhost instead of file://android_asset… like in cordova before.
I’m trying to use the conf “server”: { “androidScheme”: “file” } but now I’m facing the error:

The webpage at file://localhost could not be loaded because: net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED

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How about iOS? This solution seems strict android?

EDIT: Found “iosScheme” :slight_smile:

can you mention which version of capacitor and android version was used…

I am facing the same issue… Please can you tell me which version of Capacitor you used so that androidScheme: file worked for you ?

Please any hint will be very helpful … Need to update the app and the data from localstorage is lost. For iOS it works…

It wont work on any capacitor version, i alternatively used sqlite of capacitor to migrate data from file to http or locastorage to sqlite and vice versa, actually after sqlite, my app does not need any scheme.