Migration LocalStorage ionic3 to ionic6 Android!

The issue is I have an app written with Ionic 3. I’ve migrated the app to the Ionic latest version and soon I have to do update in Stores. I have values saved on localStorage (user ID, and more) on both apps. The string value key is the same. As the new version must be an update for an existing app, I do not need to rewrite the old localStorage values.

Would there be a way to smoothly transition by transferring local storage data from the old webview to the new, or would my users be forced to go back to a blank slate as they update their app?

For iOS it works fine, when in capacitor.config.json I add the server iosScheme to ionic, however for android there is nothing in capacitor documentation written as well…

Does anybody faced the same issue ??

Any help and suggestion will be appreciated!!!