Comunity Fridays For Future

Hello everybody

My name is Alberto and I started developing apps using ionic and angular not long ago.
Besides my regular work, I decided to contribute completely free of charge to developing app for the “Fridays For Future” movement, a movement against climate change, also because I am the father of a sixteen year old girl, very committed to this cause. As the problem is very serious, the app could be an excellent tool for communicating and disseminating information. At present, the app contains information on school and student strikes around the world and information on local events. I have a lot of ideas to insert new elements, but unfortunately I can’t dedicate the necessary time and I’m not at the very top level as an IONIC programmer.

I kindly ask all interested parties to contribute to the project. For me it could be an excellent opportunity to learn more about development methods and for others an excellent communication tool.

Yo can write me gently:

Thank you in advance,