Complete UI Sample App


Dear All

I am looking for a sample app that includes almost all components and UI elements. The app does not need to be useful. It shall be used for testing theme implementation so that we can see if theme changes fit to all elements.

Is such a sample app available somewhere?

Thanks a lot.


You need to buy the templates, there is no application like that i think so

You will find all the ui components in the templates


You could try to create dummy apps, with ionic start and then try template super or conference apps for example, they comes with a couple of components

Or just check a look to the list of components and UI elements:


THe ionic preview app showcases many of the ui elements

It is not available using ionic start but you need to git clone it

Very usefull

The conference app shows lots of logic which also is nice to study

I wish they include it in the ionic cli


@Tommertom Actually I think it is. Just played yesterday with ionic start and conference is an option, it is just not listed in the online documentation tutorial (


Thanks a lot. I was not aware of this. I think this is exactly what I was looking for.


I had a look at it. Thanks it is a good one. But I think the preview app has even more.



I actually meant the preview app: to be included in ionic cli


Yes, that would be nice. But than we need also the menu be filled with the sample.


PR created for ionic start