Ionic UI showcase - a developer's companion app

Hi all!

I simply love Ionic for its simplicity and ease of use. In the past (Ionic 2/3) I used the Preview App a lot to get inspired for the UI elements and the relevant code snippets to rapidly build apps.

In support of Ionic 4 (and absence of update to preview app), I made my own preview app and released it, including source for all to use.

It uses all the Ionic 4 examples as per their github, but now you can browse and use the elements before going to the API docs @ Ionic’s site, use REPL to sandbox or copy/paste the code immediately.

Due to the framework agnostic greatness of Ionic, I decided to use svelte as underlying engine. And I must say, this is a great add-on to Ionic, as it greatly reduces the boilerplate to build apps, blazing fast builds and code (there are some downsides too, btw). So maybe, this inspires you to try svelte yourself!

But even without svelte, it should help you finding the right UI element and then get the relevant code through the API link provided.

ps. try it in full screen or developer view in Chrome, to check the responsiveness of UI elements and the console.log output.

I hope you enjoy it and it proves to be useful trying UI elements before implementing them in your own app.

Feedback appreciated!



Thank you som much ill check it